X-60A Hypersonic Research Vehicle

Hypersonics is the next frontier in atmospheric flight, and the X-60A will open the door to advancing hypersonic flight technologies. Generation Orbit is currently developing the X-60A as a research platform for low-cost access to hypersonic flight conditions. The single-stage rocket will allow the high-speed flight test community to test and improve hypersonic technologies and materials. In time, the studies done with the X-60A should allow for the creation of new hypersonic rockets and vehicles.

At AAG, Bruce, Jacob, and Jesse are currently using MATLAB and Simulink to develop a high fidelity flight simulation, control system, and Monte Carlo analysis tools for the rocket’s first test flight. The development of this system is progressing, and the team has begun performing Monte Carlo and control system analysis to test the system’s viability and reliability.

AFRL X-60A Press Release